View my prints of bird illustrations from wood engravings

Wood Engravings & Lino Prints

The pictures on this page are wood engravings and linocuts. The title, medium, dimensions, edition and price are under each image.


Wood engraving, H76xW52mm
Edition of 25, £50

Pied Flycatcher
Wood engraving, H76xW53mm
Edition of 25, £50

Wood engraving, H61xW50mm
Edition of 40, £50

Wood engraving, H70xW50mm
Edition of 30, £50

The Hunter
Linocut, H231xW269mm
Edition of 25, £100

The Stalker
Linocut, H232xW283mm
Edition of 25, £100

The Rathlin Boat
Wood engraving, H25xW48mm
Edition of 50, £35

The Olive Tree
Wood engraving, H27xW91mm
Edition of 50, £35

Wood engraving, H95xW73mm
Edition of 10, £55

Wood engraving, blue/grey ink, H91xW70mm
Edition of 60, £50

Wood engraving, H87xW73mm
Edition of 65, £50

Wood engraving, H100xW74mm
Edition of 70, £50

Honey Buzzard
Wood engraving, H100xW71mm
Edition of 70, £50

Underwater Guillemots, Rathlin Island
Linocut and woodcut, H450xW350mm
Edition of 25, £200

The Greenfinch
Wood engraving, H75xW100mm
Edition of 60, £50