About my prints of bird illustrations from wood engravings

About the bird prints

Each print in the Feather Report series is part of an edition of 50. They are engraved and printed by hand and are supplied unframed.


Sizes of the pictures are given in millimetres. They are the same size as they appeared in The Times newspaper. They are quite small.

Further information

Underneath each picture, written in pencil, is the edition number, the title and the month and year.

  • The edition number appears as a fraction, eg 10/50. The figure below the line denotes the total number of prints in the edition and the figure above the line indicates where in the chronology of the edition, from 1 to 50, this particular print was made.
  • The title needs little explanation – it is simply the name of the bird.
  • Those of you familiar with The Times Feather Report will be aware of how important the time of year is to Derwent’s observations. A bird’s plumage, its behaviour, the places it frequents and its arrival and departure all relate to different times of the year. This is why I have included the month in the information below the picture.

I have not signed each print for two reasons. Firstly, there is very little space available; and, secondly, as the result of a request made by the newspaper, in most cases there is a signature in the form of a combined PJ incorporated somewhere in the picture.

Please bear in mind that the images are sharper and the areas of detail are finer than they appear on a computer screen.